Works on Paper

Cecil Touchon

These drawings are part of a group from April of 2013 made in Washington D.C.. Each are colored pencils on colored paper.

The experiment here was to use a single motif – a curved line – and then continue from the tip of the curve to create the next curve and work back and forth across the surface in one continuous line. If you let your eye start at the beginning point of the line you can follow its trajectory throughout the whole composition. The points or tips created, where the next curve starts, I highlighted and then shaded the opposite side of the curves with pencil. This helps to give spacial definition to the line 

In order to have the ability to both highlight and shade along the line required a middle toned paper, in this case a greenish colored drawing paper. So the entire work is a tonal study of a single line moving across the surface. Not a whole lot of effort was taken to establish multiple spacial levels in the work but, with more development a great deal of visual space could be exploited.

This same idea of a continuous curved line could be produced in infinite uniqueness over and over again trying out different, media, color palettes, and compositional ideas.

From a musicality point of view, this approach is not unlike how a composer might take a single motif and put it through the paces so to speak. As a viewer it is an interesting study to observe the harmonics or forms that are created through the use of this one very simple line, a curve. Another interesting observation might be watching how the eye moves about the work through following the line and taking note of the speed with which the eye moves through the resultant image. 

These are the things I am thinking about when make a work like this and what I am hoping the viewer is thinking about while examining it.

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