Asemic Choral Music Scores

Cecil Touchon

This drawing is envisioned as a score for asemic choral music. In this case a score for five voices.

There are five lines for the five voices. In a drawing like this the lines cannot overlap and can not accommodate multiple tones of the same voice at the same time such as cords for example. Many of my other drawings are intended for multiple instruments all being heard at the same time and multiple players would need to read their part in the midst of many other overlaid voices.

In the approach to this work the idea of a voice and its limitations were taken into account, that it can only make one sound at a time. So the progressions are drawn more like a musical score where the notes happen across time in succession.

The phrases in this score were first drawn and then digitally scanned. The lines which were each about six inches long were then used individually and collaged in various ways including mirrored, flipped, etc. to end up with each of the five lines. Sometimes parts of one line were arranged into one of the other lines.

In the case of this score there are multiple approaches that performers could organize among themselves. The work is not set in any particular key.

One approach might be five performers each improvising the sounds and patterns suggested by the line and singing simultaneously from left to right.

Another idea would be like a round where each performer is assigned a number and then starts the song on that line. Once the line has been sung continue to the next line and the next until each performer has articulated every line. For instance performer #3 begins on line #3 then sings #4, #5, #1 and then #2. Each performer following the same pattern so that each sings through all five lines each interpreting each line as they get to it.

The time of length is indeterminate hence five performers could spend the same length of time each performing their one lineĀ  as could be spent with each performer working their way through all five lines.

At the same time the score could be performed by a single performer or any other number of performers.

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